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Guide to beautiful places in Seville. Nine essential addresses

In this little guide we wanted to show you interesting places that should not go unnoticed. If you make a visit to the city of Seville, even if only by the way, we encourage you to know these bars, full of history, charm, design and good gastronomy, immerse yourself in their sets and you will enjoy a unique essence.

Agustin Bar & company

This place is the tribute to the cover and photography but separately. You can try the most traditional tapas of Seville with a touch of modernity, from breakfast to dinner. You will also enjoy a decoration inspired by the geniuses of photography of the last century. From Newton to Penn To enliven your senses

In all its walls and even in the exterior facade of the bar we can find a renamed image as "La Chica del Salvador", name of a square near this bar and with the background of this in the exterior photography. The Original photograph is by Alice Springs, wife of Helmut Newton, the greatest representative of erotic photography of the 20th century. Inside this place we will find photographs of other prominent authors such as Irving Penn, as well as lesser-known works that create an intimate coffee environment to enjoy. The walls of the bathrooms are also covered with these works of art. Agustin & company.

Pelayo Bar

The entrance to Pelayo Bar indicates the exact point where the Giraldillo would be located if the Giralda of Seville fell. It has two rooms, the interior is avant-garde, inspired by well-known neighborhoods in New York and spectacular lighting, the exterior, is a mixture of bullfighting cellar with details reminiscent of Blade Runner in the roof. The rooms are connected by a vertical garden behind which a creative kitchen is hidden, with fabulous tapas and by a small window we will see how our chosen dishes leave the interior of this wonderful garden.

In their toilets there is a great photographic representation of the types of grapes that make up the wine selection of this original bar. The cuisine directed by chef Emiliano Sanchez, mixes between traditional and avant-garde, where you bet on fresh products from the land made with the best wines.

Antiques Bar

Very close to the Cathedral of Seville and also to the famous courtyard of the orange trees, antique bar continues to surprise us with its decoration. Total mixture of Roman and Arabic elements. We will find 16th-century carvings on the ceiling or Renaissance marbles on its walls and columns.

To link this composition stand out funny and colorful elements of surrealism. The paintings and historical objects of different times that adorn every corner of this bar do not cease to surprise us, it will be an unforgettable experience, there is so much to see that we will forget to look at the menu, by the way in nine languages, and choose one of many exquisite dishes. Dressings, chacinas, salmorejos, tartals ... all designed so that the decoration has the maximum harmony with an innovative gastronomy.

The cover cathedral

Its decoration is based on a traditional, attractive and very familiar style. Spaces with columns reminiscent of ancient Roman courtyards, simple, diaphanous and walls with paintings of emblematic points of the city. Comfort is transmitted to its customers, without large dimensions the luminosity that give their contemporary lamps break with the timeless clacism of their furniture.

The Cathedral of the Tapa was born as a business opportunity for entrepreneurs, lovers of good dishes of excellent Spanish cuisine. This bar has been Awarded in the II Gala of Awards Cultural Association of Sevillan traditions, for the work that develops with reference to this city. Their dishes are the result of collaboration with the most prestigious national chefs awarded worldwide.

Donaire Winery

At Donaire Winery, do not expect the typical and classic decoration of a winery. In the heart of the Alfalfa neighborhood of Seville, one of the most famous areas of the city, is this particular winery. Your speech will attract attention. Carnival dolls that hang from their roofs Its juicy variety of seafood, among which we highlight the “Ox of the Sea”, make Bodega Donaire a mandatory step for all seafood and tasty tapas lovers.

Pepe Hillo House

Bullfighting and gastronomy come together at Casa Pepe Hillo. The restaurant takes its name from the bullfighter José Delgado Guerra, known as Pepe Hillo. Figure of the eighteenth century that promoted the "Sevillian school", a beautiful style of bullfighting, and popularized the relationship of bullfighters with Holy Week.

In its decoration in addition to the bullfighting references that populate its walls and inspire its decoration, the pavements in rustic earthenware, stone and brick give it personality, the wooden beams are extended to the second floor where we will find a very peculiar reserved. The lighting is designed with a French-style lamp reminiscent of mid-century Paris halls and old books are part of this decoration in any corner of the premises.

Its doors are facing the 11th of the bullring of the Real Maestranza in Seville. On bullfight days or bullfighting parties, Casa Pepe Hillo hosts long gatherings between fans and its gastronomy and bullfighting come together in this place. A gastronomy with more than one hundred options to choose from mixes the Andalusian tradition with the avant-garde in our days.

Bar the Sacristy

Within a monastic environment, the design chosen for this place is very ecclesiastical, church benches to seat the customer, paintings of angels and lamps designed with crosses on walls that mimic those of the last century, they wrap us in a different environment, the industrial and the retro, the modern and the classic. It is like feeling very comfortable surrounded by a decoration that alludes to the Middle Ages.

In the street of the famous professor, Mateos Gago and face to face with La Giralda and the Cathedral of Seville, is the temple of gastronomic prayers of the city. In the same old town of Seville, from its terrace you can enjoy the views of the most emblematic monuments and the smells of jasmine and orange blossom that flood its sidewalks, especially in spring. Bar the sacristy is the temple of good wine and good food, which will surprise you with its flavors.

Tomato house

From the garden, the best tapas. This happens at Casa Tomato. Its interior design makes us travel to the past, within the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929, as well as the bulls, the fair and Easter. Plants hanging from the ceilings, walls with hydraulic tiles, hand embroidered shawls hanging from wooden beams, an eclectic decoration for a bar with so many roots and Andalusian traditions. In its open terrace you can taste typical Andalusian dishes, hams from different Spanish regions and a great selection of wines.

Patanchón Bar

A disturbing bar. Patanchón Bar is the home of Sevillian modernism, with Nordic-style wooden ceilings on a historic floor with inscriptions up to four centuries old. Decorated with photos of criminals from different eras, you will live a unique experience while tasting tapas that combine modernism with the tradition of Seville. A variety of styles, designs and gastronomy in these nine places so special Sevillian, that mix different designs but united by the pleasure of the good life.

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